Yes, Eurocentres San Diego, a division of International Educational Services, LLC, is

accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA), an

accreditation body recognized by the United states Department of Education.

Yes, the school has been certified by SEVIS to issue the I-20 form since June 19, 2003 under International Educational Services.
Yes, students are provided the documents and the guidance needed to successfully apply for the student visa. Students can always ask questions and expect fast, courteous assistance from our friendly staff.

Step 1—Student submits a completed application form; this can be done online.

Step 2—Student submits a recent bank statement showing enough funds to cover tuition and living expenses as well as a copy of the passport.

Step 3—Student pays fees according to the fee schedule found on the website; this is usually done by Credit Card or bank tranfer.

Step 4—School prepares an acceptance letter, an I-20 form, and information regarding the visa process to send directly to the student by International Express Mail. This step can be completed in one business day.

The school offers IELTS Preparation as a full twenty-hour course (minimum 4 students) or as the afternoon component of an Intensive 25 or Super-Intensive 30 program. Eurocentres also offers TOEFL Preparation as part of an Intensive 25 or Super-Intensive 30 program. Moreover, higher level classes, such as C1 (Advanced), allow students to develop the English skills necessary to be successful students at the university or college level.
Yes, the school’s staff members are ready to help students research appropriate colleges and universities and complete the necessary paperwork.

Yes, all students take online progress tests (called ItemBankers) monthly; these exams allow the teacher and the student to measure progress in grammar and vocabulary; students are also assessed for speaking proficiency (production and interaction) every four weeks. In addition to these formal assessments, teachers give weekly quizzes and assignments to ensure that students are progressing.