I am very satisfied with the classes that I have taken at Eurocentres San Diego. As for TOEFL class, it was fun and I had a lot of opportunities to talk. I am also very happy with TOEIC class. It was a small class, so I could focus on my weakness in the class. I could quickly get ready to take the test. Thank you, Eurocentres.
Kei- Japan
I am satisfied with the program that this school has. The teachers are professional and friendly and everything is agreeable. I learned a lot here. Thank you so much.
Cindy- Honduras
Everything was good. The teachers are very kind and nice. My sister might come in two years and I will recommend Eurocentres San Diego. Thank you so much. I will miss you.
Sophie- Korea
I pretty much appreciate everything. To study here was a good time for me. Thanks a lot.
Michelle- Korea
Eurocentres is the best school in San Diego. I was lucky.
Toshi- Japan
As a Korean student, anytime I asked new students about Eurocentres, they had the same feeling of comfort as I have had: good teachers, good staff, good location. I really enjoyed the school. I strongly recommend the school to Korean students.
Simon- Korea
Studying at Eurocentres San Diego was a great experience, not only on the academic level, but also in having the opportunity to meet very special people such as my teachers and the coordinators of the program. I can say that choosing this school was a gift.
Monica- Mexico
I like the ambience of the school, focusing on deeper academic concerns and cultural understanding from field trips.
Amber- Korea
I love this school. I just want to say ‘Thank you’ for teaching me. You are great!
Yun Sik- Korea
I have really enjoyed this school since I came here. You have taught me so well that I have learned much more than I had expected when I came here. I hope that we will meet again soon.
Woochan- Korea
I love this school. If I have the chance to come back to the USA, I want to come back to Eurocentres. Thank you very much.
Erina- Japan
I can say that the teachers, the students, everybody were very special to me. I am very happy to have studied in this school.
Mauricio- Brazil